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Sunday, September 24, 2017

What a Demo Day~

 So we....I should say He-the Husband started here...dumpster with a bow on it...no not really but it's better then flowers to me.

 The wall stripped of the drywall is beginning to happen.

 That same wall  that was between the bathroom and the old kitchen...now is in demolition mode.

My job was to tend to the four legged critters...Our Hank is not a demo dog...he needed his thundershirt on but we don't have one so I was it.  Gracie, young and a trooper just went to her default mode of dropping down on her belly and laying there.  Though when I sat down so did hank...but I did have to get up and help now and then and run that "mean ass shop vac...lol." 
When I see them floor joist over his head...I total him it bring back memories of you putting them in when the twins were very young...maybe a year and a half and we were living with his parents...not sure if they remember but it is amazing...to me that he's done this all.  Sure it's taking a long time but it's happening now.  Tough work still head. 

 Not the pretty site....the old toilet here...in the Property Brother's the Home owners are to do this job...well the Home Owners did the job...the Old toilet is gone all chopped up.  The window to the left or the frame of a window to the left was the original back wall of the house but not it's the stair way.  At one time before we moved in to the kitchen section we had raccoons in the house and a mother with 5 babies were coming down the stair looking to the window and Our kids were look back at them...A little wild life adventure up close...all safe and the husband opened the back door of the garage and off they ran....

As night falls and all strength is but a vision for maybe tomorrow we clean up and eye the new bathroom door and old one...Lots more work to do. The whole family is excited about the space we have now...where the new bathroom is was the smallest bedroom that had bunk beds...it worked for the kido's when there were young.  History in this house and so many changes. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017


The Gift came yesterday morning while I was out walking in the woods, the Husband ordered it...Better then flowers...

So we did this silly thing and use contact paper on the old walls...way back when...Very Tacky-lol, but it visually hide some stuff...not recommend to do but when you have a little budget you do what you can.

had to cut the tub/shower out to get to the new bathroom area and still keep the old toilet and sink.

Generations of reconstruction and under-construction help prepare you for this day it brings such excitement when it's "DEMO DAYS"   We have a Waste Box in the driveway where I had my tents for the outdoor studio exhibit a few weeks ago.  I know my husband is so happy to be at this point...the three years it took to get the bathroom going was a lot of life and procrastination of some difficult stuff to do underneath.  The plumbing for this new bathroom had a lot of noodling out to do and was in some difficult areas but it now done...Shelves where hung last night in the new bathroom closet and I will be transferring over the items into it today.   This whole section will be gone and opened up....new plywood will be place on the floor..not right away..$ needs for that but we are inching our way.  Over 32 years ago we bought this house because a elder couple purchased it  and he got sick and  they had to move...which in fact the husband kindly helped them move into their new apartment.  We then moved in two months after that in May of 1985...Stevie our oldest was just two months old.  The house was a 24 ft. x 24 ft cap cod style house...

Now it's expanded like the family...to a huge Salt box style house....

Well time to go and walk the dogs so they are not underfoot and we can being this process...

Thursday, September 21, 2017

From the book Artist Way Every Day

From book,
September 21st
Julia Cameron's daily meditation.

Very often in our creative live we can feel ourselves in jeopardy. We may have a sudden and debilitating doubt that our work will continue to be supported by the Universe. We may have been earning a living so far, but that's so far-our fear says- and so far is no guarantee of tomorrow. Rather than trust that there is an unseen but benevolent web gently holding us in our place, we often panic and act like we have gotten where we have gotten entirely on our own. But there is a benevolent web that holds us gently in our place. There is a larger power that wishes us well. We are led well and carefully. In order to be led further, we need only to ask for help. Help is always available to us. We need to open ourselves up. We need to be receptive.

Doubt and fear can be triggered at any point, turn or sneeze right? We question sometimes every step, and the four we took yesterday with the jump we might have to take tomorrow. Yikes...spin oneself into a trap of worry and sit with it and it becomes a habit of thinking.

It's a natural thing to loose site of a bigger picture and to pull in and think you have to do this dance-life on our own.  It's also natural to have doubt and have some fear, what not natural is to stay in that thought process and spin yourself into the point of being stuck in your muck...emotional baggage some would say.

One of my observations recently was to be observant and take a look at my emotional baggage so that I can receive the message... be it spiritual...Yes.  Seeking Good Orderly Guidance, Yes.

From Wabi Sabi Living.....When you embrace the whole of your life and recognize the value of every aspect, including the mishaps and flaws, then the very imperfections that once diminished your happiness can become sources of insight and strength.

Being aware and accepting, taking our luck as it comes.... All good, as the gently web that holds us in place.

Why am I pulling from these resources?  because they're areas I dig deeply from and ask for help with. Looking for inspiring words of wisdom to help me not stay stuck in my muck.  The continued daily practice of morning pages/spillage of words and journal writing then leads to moments of gratitude and with that gratitude the awareness that it's not done alone but with guidance form a source a hell of a lot bigger then I every thought possible.

Out to walk the four legged friends...tend to the house a bit and my treasured book club full of artists and tonight I continue an experience of a Gong Bath...blessings and the day unfolds.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Keen Eye is completed....

Keen Eye
18  x 18 on watercolor paper....matted, framed or mounted on a wood panel...not sure yet..
When Gracie (our 8mo. bloodhound/lab) and I want for a walk in the woods the other day a beautiful Redtail Hawk came out of a tree and swooped down so I could see her under belly and flew off...what an amazing spiritual experience...so glad I was able to capture it... 

Fine Art America Prints....Here 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Keen Eye and bold Heart

So the one response without color and in the gray scale was that it has a eerie feeling. Taking it personal, no....the spiritual feeling was amazingly surprising when I encounter the hawk some may think eerie...not this girl.  I had wanted to work on it this weekend more so because of the emotional attachment with the moment that can fade so fast....how do you hang on to it....?  keep having a ground hogs day with the experience I guess.  The moment brought to me to  
Signals in Life
Higher Perspective
Keen eye and bold heart
Intuitive-true meaning
Sense of balance

My personality over the years has revealed itself in so many odd ways and well something to admit is I'm a highly sensitive, emotional feeling kind of person with an introverted-ness.  I make decision on how I feel but I have to be aware and look for higher perspective...and there are time when I shoot from the hip and make a real mess of things. The fall is a time for me to do my introspective work...Mindfulness-it has always been.  It's a time to circle over head...

So I seek guidance from many books and a Great Spirit in my life, God, Good Orderly Direction...etc, depends on the day and it's OK we have an agreement that way. 

I see this every morning but from that chair behind the coffee cup looking out.  As I gather another cup to sit down and read more I had to take a picture of my inspiration in the dark morning hours before all wake up. 

Questions to ask myself...where have I shut down my powers of observation on some level?  The parts of life that have become too painful to feel, to unbelievable to hear and took dark to see, it is time to examine the point at which you chose to let yourself become emotionally involved and to no longer be the observer. When you allow your emotions to override your perceptions the message from Hawk cannot penetrate the chaos and confusion. (just a reactive fool is all)  This is from Jamie Sams-Medicine Cards book. continued...At this point, you are asked to be mindful of the honest observer's neutral position, which allows the message to be intuitively and clearly understood, without emotion and coloring the true meaning...some may say, "What?" but this is where I find guidance...being I'm an emotional junkie and been hijacked by my feelings over and over.  Here's the keen eye part.....Emotional coloring is a tendency of Hawk medicine people when they are Off-Balance.   Their emotions cloud their vision and lead to a crash landing...Oh my gosh...I'm a cycle'r of this behavior. And here's the kicker....the boldness of heart, The EGO, can clip the wings and leave Hawk grounded, believing the winged messenger has not understood her medicine.  Goofy as this all sounds...I get it. This all started when Gracie and I were walking in the woods last week and the Hawk flow from the tree downward over my head and then flew upward out of sight. 

Some guidelines to thinking about as I continue this full time whole living life of discovery. 
To open up to the powers of observation
Not to tell others how to think or behave
To take care of your own emotional baggage before you begin receiving omens, visions, and messages
To remember that all gifts are equal in the eyes of the Great Spirit. 

This dark picture is an area in my life that I have to have a keen eye and bold heart.  Yesterday, I felt I was read to view my little exercise guide book in real form...asked my oldest daughter, graphic artists and creative maker too,  how to or what to do next and she noodle around on the printer settings and I was able to print one side and flip the paper around and print the back side and with my long arm stapler stapled this mock up book together. 

It was so awesome to see it in this form...but oh I've got some work to do....Layout alignment and some rewriting of things. I'm excited to be at this stage of the process.  I started in May of this year and it may take till next May to complete it...I just keep showing up and writing the "S%it " rough draft. As Anne Lamont says....It's an experience that my ego doesn't want to be in...and fights...but I'm not listening to it. 

I have this on my studio wall...and I can't say how true this is for me.  If I didn't have art..or embrace the creative maker in myself...I would surely be the walking wounded...Like my art and now life....what's the favorite part....the one I'm working on now! 

Drawn to read this book again....from the book-It's a journey that uncovers the joy, creativity, and empowerment of imperfection through a simple and ancient way of looking at life: the way of Wabi Sabi. From the commonsense insights of Wabi Sabi, we learn that it's not despite our problems but because of them that our hearts hold everything we need to be joyful. We come to see that where we want to go in life is forever found right where we are...

My rock this morning says....I am here.. 
There's a sign for you!