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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Artist Date, God Jar....

 Beginning of the path out in the woods.

 Queens Ann Lace...dried and in birds nest form hold a bit snow...

 Tall Grass prairie...
The burnt stems from the Blue Grass at the edge of the Tall grass prairie. 

As I came up to the bench there was a symbol left by a path walker before me...had to take a picture. 

 And our last day with the Artists Way Session we played around with God Jars and Boxes.  Each of us brought in some fun stickers and I brought in some line pads of paper and we ended the class with sharing the stickers and preparing small section of paper to write on to put in the God Jar. 

I picked a small one this time and I would love to have it so full of bit's of green paper so when a year is up I can read what I gave to the Good Orderly Direction in my life and what affirmations and good things happened.  God Jar  and here's another site  God Box

Monday, January 15, 2018

Art Journaling do I compare?

 Bee Balm-Monarda

Some other kind of mint family plant....square stem...got to figure out which one...not time now.

Used a quote in the book and tore it out and placed it here upon the page with the really prairie grass...   My art journal looks nothing like my artwork...well it does but doesn't I think it's in the process work and letting go of perfect and just letting it spill out and intuitive listening to what come next...which of course is never revealed head of the time.

Well off to class...last artist way this morning... 13 weeks we have been meeting Wow!  amazing for sure.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Found a Jacket.....

Sue came across a bit of clothing in South East Florida...and shared here find with me...So Sweet.  I do enjoy this jacket myself from Simply Art Dolcezza 
Thanks Sue for sharing this~

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Growing Love

Growing Love
9" x 46"
5-Wood Panels Joined together 
Collage and assemblage 
All papers were created for this piece from drawing papers and surfaces process, coated and then fused on with a tack iron.  Assembled with dowel pegs and wooden wheels and framed. Waxed black book thread was added. 

Working the a composition Vertically 
 from this Sketch

This sketch is part of a process series of 13...which I'm picking four to study. 

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

New book published

Hi Everyone,  I'm sharing some news....it's taken me a while but I finally pushed the button and made it happen with the self publishing company Blurb, it's a print on demand, if you interested Click Here 
There's plans...and a few more Volumes will be coming out. (just had to get this one out first.)  There created to be simple, self instructional and basic to learn the design skills needed to build upon in your art making process. I feel we learn best by doing and putting it into motion and really seeing for ourselves how it all works...That's how I did it with a few good books and practice.