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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Prayer Flags....getting ready for Spring

Prayer Flag Workshop
by Laura Lein-Svencner
Thursday, March 8
9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Use acrylics, stamps, stencils and textiles to create a string of 10 prayer flags as you learn the origins and meanings of these colorful cloths. Ages 18 and up. $75 plus $20 supply fee per
person. Register at 630-206-9566.
Register Online!  http://www.mayslakepeabody.com/

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Center into the Circle

Each week in the Class- Walking in the World we center into the circle and each bring something in palm size and share the mean about it to use.  Then when we leave the circle we share what we take out of the circle from the time together.  

One of the gals...had to put her cat to rest and she showed picture of him...and I could resist making a card for her....she said the paws were like marshmallows being roasted on a stick by the fire...

Preparing and dropping off

Poke Salad Annie will be heading up North in WI soon to Mineral Point.  New Gallery, wrapping it up and getting other works document CD made of images and title/price list ready. 

Today I'll be heading up to The Art Center in Highland Park IL to drop off three piece of work...Shaggy Bark Hickory, Painted Mare, War Pony is 24 x 36  collage wood panel.  

If you would like to read more about it Here in Tuesday Tidbit's 

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Drop in Idea and Class stuff....

A few spreads from my winter art journal... more to come...need to finish up some things... and yes that's a real feather from a student and I printed on it and stitched in. 

The question I ask myself...as I read through the first chapter of Walking in this World, "Why do I limit the time I care for myself?  Statement for myself-as I become older, I need more time to do it well. 

A drop in of ideas came  and I would like to see where it goes...but I'm responding-Wait Great Spirit...I need to finish what I started and then I can be ready to play around with a "Tiny House" (thing/series)....at least I have a images placed in my little sketchbook.  A house that has been lived in becomes a home...and to stay in one home all your life wraps you with memories only you savor....When I was growing up my dad and mom has small houses...now to think of it Tiny house...then my dad would fix it up and we would move to another home...new school, new friends...which also brought on loneliness, emptiness, and some abandonment issue. Other side of that coin on that one was being a maker of things...using art and creativeness to respond to the outer and inner emotions and feelings.  I'm a Type 4 on the Enneagram and the rear bird of the Myers-Briggs Personality types...a INFJ making up less than one percent of the population.  Rambling here....any ways a Home series might be welling up soon.. 

This is a demo piece that I did in Friday's Class, Abstract Mini Landscapes....we will be doing more this Friday and I might be able to get some picture of the student's work. 

More from Learn the Basic of Design with Collage

Emphasis or Focal point...I think Lorraine has hit the mark on these three.  

Take a look at all the sketch so far on this Link 

Balance next

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Post Winter Art Journaling part 2

Laura is working through a divorce and for the sake of art she's healing as she works through everything...trying to keep the love in her heart strong. 

Karen enjoyed the alcohol drops on the watered down acrylics and is building up the later plus with stenciling on the first one. 6 weeks went by fast and we didn't finish the books but they all got a great start to continue on. 

Post Winter Art Journaling

Mary Beth's work, using a book with the title Disappearing, on it this image above makes for a great representation of that.

Cindy went to town on her journal...the theme I believe was love and the color purple...and the rest is history...she's a natural with this. 

Martha is at a point in her life that she is reflecting back on all the creative things she's done and she's finding lost of great photo etc that she wants to put in a old datebook calendar. This way she can record the months that she did them...so many creative ways. 

Karen has a nice small book with the them mindful and she's working on the gesso pages and looks like she's ready to put an image transfer down. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Another series started

a few days ago I started to make paper for this..and today I was to repeat my composition and make another 8 x 8 collage

I think I have the papers OK for the next sizes but the black with white line paper was a bit larger then I need for this smaller piece. 
This is one composition that turned upside down can work as well...so I'm happy to start exploring this.